Welcome to Luna Factory

Luna Factory is the platform for technical tests used for recruitment purposes at Lunatech.

Whether youre a beginner or an expert, you will find various exercises that we use to evaluate candidates.

What is Lunatech?

A consultancy company, with 90 people working in the Netherlands and another 28 in France. We serve our customers, develop in Java, Scala, Kotlin or Javascript... And we focus on the development of high value-added services.

How will you carry out your test ?

First you need to register and chose your exercises.
You have to select 3 exercises among the available tests. They will be chosen based on your preferences or your contact from Lunatech can point you to particular tests to attempt according to his or her needs.
You can only view the details of the tests you have selected and you cannot change them so be careful will choosing.

How long does it take to pass a test?

In general, we ask the candidates to dedicate some hours, during a week, and to contact us to organize the code review. Set asside a few hours, but the main objective of the tests is to show us your skills and the way you work.

How do you evaluate the result?

To evaluate your result, we will imagine we are your colleagues. You have finished your code for a project you are working on and you have to send your code to another colleague at Lunatech. This person is going to ask you questions about your architecture, will look at your code and your tests. He will have to be able to compile and execute your code, on his own computer.

What if you are stuck or are not able to finish the test on time?...

Contact the person who is following up your application process, and do not wait until the last moment.

Can I use somebody elses code, which I have found on Github?

As this case has already occurred, our platform is a little smarter than that. During the return, we use set of personalized data, to verify if your code works correctly (or not). Besides during the review of your code, we also have the possibility of modifying your code, to make sure that you are truly the author of the test. We count on your professionalism and we shall check that your code is unique.

Wanna be on this picture next year?

Try yourself at one of our junior, medior or senior tests, and step into the next chapter of the adventure 😉

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